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Gold prices have so far pushed the opposition to the grip after a strong bounce back in recent weeks. About $ 1,675 / oz backing. The region is held at $ 1,689 / oz, aided by the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level. Moreover, as a result the precious metal in the assembly has reached a group of barrier levels that can make it difficult to survive.

One of the primary drivers of new gold auctions is the continued rise in U.S. Treasury yields as the market continues to anticipate the impact of inflation on large U.S. financial and monetary assets. In the wake of a new 14-month hit of 1.75%, yields on the 10-year UST have plummeted to the current exchange at 10bps 1.65%. This move has given Gold the ability to go back. A decline in US yields is unlikely to happen, and a reversal will be seen when the United States spends heavily on fully recovering its economy and reducing unemployment. Ongoing U.S. data figures are highlighted faster than financial extensions and if swelling is monitored, higher financing costs will be required, and probably sooner than expected.

Looking at the day-to-day gold outline, the precious metal has so far caught between the 20- and 50-day straight moving midpoints, with a break expected to run into resistance at a higher $ 1,756 / oz. (18 walk high), before 1,760 / oz. (1 walk high) and a half Fibonacci retracement at $ 1,763 / oz. CCI observations show that gold is the most traded region and at its most advanced level since the beginning of January. It looks like it will take an essential push to get through these special layers of gold It is further acknowledged that retail clients have been generously expanding their net-short positions in recent weeks, selling at meetings - see below.